Coaching is a profound and authentic dialogue designed to empower awareness,
choice and trust so that forward movement in life is realized.

Who we are:
  A dedicated group of professional coaches committed to
providing extraordinary coaching and training services.

Who we serve: Executives, Leadership Teams, Individuals, Families & Couples

What we provide:  Masterful Coaching, Leadership & Group Development,
Relationship Coaching, Coaching for both Teams and Families Retreats and off-sites
for individuals and groups in our gorgeous Colorado home state or your preferred location.

Coaching is a thoroughly interactive process within a set of agreements to promote identified change for the recipient of coaching, the client. The identified changes may be in any area of personal or professional life. The process is customized to serve as a powerful support and a catalyst for each individual to move in the chosen direction and vision.

This intentional dialogue held within the context of a contracted coaching relationship guides the client’s choices, communication and action toward their goals and desired outcomes, in alignment with the client’s values, vision, purpose and promises in life. This results in increased motivation to make the changes that increase learning, performance and fulfillment both personally and professionally.

The coach is utilizing expert communication skills, including deep listening, feedback and insightful inquiring so as to evoke courageous choice and designed action that allows people to discover a new way to express their talents and their humanity. Coaching conversations create a high degree of awareness, thereby building mutual respect, trust and confidence within the process. Assumptions are suspended for the sake of learning and challenged when they interfere with the process of reflection. 

When the client’s awareness is intensified, a renewed sense of aliveness may be experienced.

Deepening Relationships

Are you yearning to enrich your relationship?

Attend a weekend retreat for couples to co-create a profoundly fulfilling partnership!

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We are also Certified Providers of Emotional Intelligence Assessments, 360 Reports and Workshops

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